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Generate social media buzz with SocialBee - Lifetime Deal!

Created: Wednesday, 21 February 2018 22:05

SocialBee is an all-in-one social media tool that lets you schedule posts, grow an audience, and engage with followers.

SocialBee specializes in three areas: content, growth, and engagement.

Buy Now at $49 Lifetime, instead of $1764

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Not only will you be able to post content automatically, you'll be a better poster.

SocialBee ensures your followers will enjoy your feed by allowing you to schedule posts from different content categories. (Now you’ll be able to sneak in your “humble brag” posts every once in awhile without annoying your followers.)


Lifetime Access to SocialBee


In addition to content categories, SocialBee has evergreen posting (auto-recycling of popular legacy posts), separate schedules for each social profiletime-specific posting, and RSS import, so you can stay on top of the content game.

SocialBee can post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. (Note: Instagram and Google+ posting is done through a Buffer integration.)


Lifetime Access to SocialBee


If you already know what you’re importing is good to go, just click “add posts as approved” so it can go straight to the queue.

Finding accounts to follow has never been easier.

You can:

    • Search users with specific keywords in their bio
    • Copy the followers of any Twitter account
    • Find accounts who tweet about targeted keywords

Then, once you’re following everyone you want to, you can track your progress, see who is/isn’t following you, and filter accounts to remove the dead weight. (Add someone to your whitelist so they won’t accidentally get the ax.)


Lifetime Access to SocialBee


So many ways to pick your targeted audience!

With SocialBee's engagement, you can send automated mentions and messages, personalized messages with follower details, and targeted mentions using the same filters as you used to follow people.


Lifetime Access to SocialBee


Currently, users who are ramping up their social profiles with the SocialBee Accelerate Plan are paying $588 per year.

The Accelerate Plan includes:

    • Up to 10 social profiles
    • Up to 50 Content Categories
    • Up to 50 RSS and Pocket feeds (pocket feed is where you store articles you want to share)
    • 5,000 posts per category

But, right now, MAG Fans can get lifetime access to the Accelerate Plan for just $49!

You read that right! This is lifetime access for what most people pay per month!

And it gets better: this lifetime deal includes all future updates and features added to the Accelerate Plan!

Get your growth on with SocialBee!


With SocialBee, you no longer have to use multiple tools to grow your following.

While other tools do a decent job of performing specific tasks, they don’t integrate with each other, causing you to waste a lot of time (and money).

SocialBee eliminates this problem by providing you with one, powerful, easy-to-use tool.

And, on top of an already great tool, the SocialBee team is dedicated to customer happiness and is continually finding ways to implement customer ideas and suggestions.


Here, take a look at their roadmap (users inspired a good portion of it):

Lifetime Access to SocialBee


If you’re looking for a standalone, do-it-all social media tool, look no further.

This bad boy will turn your feed into a constant source of entertainment and information, helping you earn a ton of new fans.

So, make the small investment of $49 and watch your social media status skyrocket.


Get lifetime access to the SocialBee Accelerate Plan here!

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